Skarsgård is Big in Hollywood

Skarsgård is Big in Hollywood…

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Alexander Skarsgard missed Sweden and refuses to buy a house in the U.S.

– I feel a little resistance to doing it.  Then it becomes somehow more permanent.  I don’t know when I want to move back to Sweden again.

Alexander Skarsgard is home in Sweden and enjoying it.

– In Los Angeles you can never just walk anywhere.  You have to drive.  Therefore, it is wonderful to be in Gothenburg, to be able to walk around,  have coffee with friends and just see the town.  There is more city life here than in LA., he says.

But right now home it is definitely Los Angeles and  he rented a home up in the Hollywood Hills, which is his base.
The television series “True Blood” is a mega-hit, the third season is currently being aired in the U.S. and already this winter they will start with production of season four.

In addition, Alexander Skarsgard has become a popular movie star – the thriller “Straw Dogs” has already been filmed and at the end of August, he’ll  fly to Hawaii to play in the science fiction film “Battleship” with singer Rihanna.

– So far I don’t know too much about her, he says.

Alexander Skarsgard is currently located in Gothenburg, because he has a lead role in Lars von Trier’s star-studded film “Melancholia”.

The base for the production is Trollhättan, but for a few weeks they will be filming in Tjolöholm castle south of Kungsbacka.

As usual with von Trier, everything is a secret and Alexander says he really can’t say anything.
– Yes, there is a wedding and I get married to Kirsten Dunst and I am very much in love. I’m very happy – at the beginning, he says.

He denies his father Stellan plays his father in the movie.

– No, he’s my best man. We have very few scenes together, but it’s fun just to be in the same film and to be able to spend the evenings together.

The situation was similar for the shooting of John Kling “Puss”, which will premiere on 20 August.  There, Alexander and his brother Gustaf have major roles, but they have not a single scene together.

– It was a bit sad, but it was still fun to be on the same film together.

For Alexander the filming of “Puss” the hardest he’s yet to experience in his career. In the midst of recording director Johan Kling suffered a burn out and everything stopped for a while. When it started again Alexander Skarsgard was in Louisiana working on the thriller “Straw Dogs”.

Everything crashed and it became a giant puzzle.  Skarsgard rehearsed in Louisiana, then flew for 24 hours to get to the studio in Visby.

– This was a year after we first had filmed “Puss”, which I had long hair, but at the time it was short…
– They had a wig made up that I had not had time to try. So when I came to Visby, I had to put the wig on and film for three days and then head back to Louisiana.

Even today in Gothenburg, things are piling up for Alexander. What was supposed to be a quiet moment at the hotel becomes a car journey to the production studio in Hisingen. Alexander Skarsgard must sync sixteen lines from episode eleven in “True Blood”.

When the job is completed, he comes out of the studio soaked in sweat.

– It must have been nearly 600 degrees in there. And there was no time code so I had to watch the scenes on a monitor and then work on the orders of the director who was in LA, local time was seven in the morning, and he gave me instructions over a bad telephone line.

But Alexander isn’t complaining…on the contrary.

– It would never occur to me to whine. I am so incredibly grateful to have a job. Most of the people in the actor’s union in the United States have no job, and I’ve been there.

And he also takes the unwelcomed attention of paparazzi in Los Angeles in stride.  He laughs when the subject comes up.

– Well, they have a good idea of what you do.  If fans approach me and want an autograph, it’s just fun.  This means of course that they like the series.  But it’s hard when you get a camera shoved in your face when you are out having lunch with a friend.

The problem with paparazzi photographers spread to Sweden in May of this year when Alexander and Kate Bosworth visited Stockholm and every step they took was covered by tabloid photographers.

– It felt weird, of course. I grew up in Sweden, with Stellan as my father, and I’m accustomed to no one caring what I did.  Sweden has always felt like a safe place, you could be yourself. So of course it was a bit annoying.

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