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This is a fan site overseen and cared for by fans.
This is not an “official” web site but the administrators of this web site are extremely dedicated to promoting Alexander and his work.
Virtually all images, articles and videos shared in our pages can be found on the web from a wide variety of sources.
We simply bring it all together in one place for easier access!

We also have our own exclusives, interviews, photos and videos from time to time. We post these with our watermark/copyright information. If you choose to show these exclusives elsewhere leave the watermark/copyright information intact and also list our site as the source. (In other words, if you use any of our items, even citing to it…please just give us credit.)
Even though we may post information from our exclusive files, it is our intent to retain full rights to any and all content without exception.

“Fan-Tale” photos shared by fans may only be reposted/reproduced with that owner’s/fan’s permission.
Our site merely acts as an outlet for fan photos, we do not assume any rights, responsibilities or authority related to fan photos.
We cannot and will not authorize any reproduction of photos, videos, fan encounter tales or other media for use or reproduction. We have been given permission by the owner of material for use. Aside from those sites with whom we have an agreement to allow use of our stuff, you must garner your own permission for your use.


We are NOT responsible for any unauthorized removal of fan photos or other media from the site. We will gladly post your images here but it is your responsibility to copyright, get creative common licenses, watermark your photos, videos and other material. Fans should also be aware that we have a full sharing agreement with our sister sites. Meaning we allow those sites to publish any and all material (providing they post appropriate disclaimers, leave our watermarks intact and cite back to our page) we have posted on this site.
Please remember the internet is a public domain and it is highly likely that other fans will access, copy and store your photos.
In return for posting your Fan-Tale photos, you agree to grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free License to use any photos that you provided.
This License for use ends ONLY when you send us a request to delete your photos via email at the link below.

As photo owners, you retain the copyright to your images and as such only YOU have both the right and authority to have photos removed from any offending site if posted without your permission.

This fan site is non-profit, we do NOT make money for what we do, nor do we accept funds to run the site itself…
Commission profits from our affiliated stores go to Alexander’s official charity, Amnesty International.

Throughout the year we also choose other charities to support with “Seasonal Charity Drives.”

We do this with Alexander’s knowledge and blessing.

If you have any comments, information or questions…

please feel free to contact us at our


Thank you and enjoy!

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