Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past

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The Skarsgård clan… (2000)

Here’s an older article (2000) sent to me by one of my GF’s Annika….

Love it!!!  Shows the love and pride they have for one another!!!

The Skarsgård clan in front of the camera…

“He’s prettier than me” says Stellan of Alexander.

Aftonbladet got all the pictures during the premiere of Alexander’s new film…

A family – a profession.

The Skarsgård clan is comfortable in front of the camera.

  • We’ve grown up with film so it is natural that we also want to keep on with it, “says Alexander Skarsgård.
  • They may feel comfortable in front of the camera but to get them all in a group picture is not the easiest. Ask anyone who has tried over the years.
  • Sam was sitting there in the corner just now. And where is Bill? Dad Stellan says and looks around.

With the family at gala premiere

It is the premiere of Alexander Skarsgård’s latest film “Wings of Glass” and the whole family has signed up. Yes, except youngest son Valter, 5, who had to stay home with the babysitter.

  • You can imagine how it is for mom every time she’ll try to get us all together, “said Alexander, laughing.
  • This is how it always is, “says Stellan.

Of the family’s eight members, six appeared on the big screen. For my mom and the son, Sam, 18, was long ago and the relatively modest scale. Specifically, as mother and son in “Jim & piraterna Blom”  AKA “Jim and the Pirates” from 1987.

Second-youngest son Bill, 10, debuted as late as last summer in the thriller “Iron Gang”. Where he played, appropriately, the brother of Alexander’s character.

  • Of course I am proud of them all.  Now I can lie down and die, “says Stellan.

Alexander was the evening’s main character

Second-eldest son, Gustaf, 20, is currently performing school in Stockholm. But he made his screen debut already eleven years ago in “Cover Name Coq Rouge” with none other than – yes – Stellan Skarsgård.

But of the sons who had time to go furthest in dad’s footsteps, of course, Alexander, 24, one of strongest protagonists. He’s just returned from the USA and recording of the Ben Stiller movie “Zoolander”.

  • He is better looking than I am, “Stellan responds with a laugh at the question of what the eldest son has as he himself lacks.
  • But when he is describing Alexander’s strength as an actor, he becomes serious.
  • He has presence. He is not afraid to show himself weak.  And then, he has a damn good social skills on the set.
  • Alexander countered that with a little praise for dad.
  • He is experienced and comfortable in all situations. Incredibly talented and versatile.

What does Dad have that you lack?

A high hairline. But I know that over time I’ll have one too, whether I like it or not!

SOURCE:  Aftonbladet (Tack Annika my GF)

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