Alexander Skarsgard in Wonderland Magazine

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We’ve told you about this before but now we get to see what it’s all about…the dual covers…
Alexander Skarsgard and Kirsten Dunst….Alex’s costar from Melancholia…

WONDERLAND – Alexander will be on the cover of the Sept/Oct Wonderland Magazine in the UK. The magazine is out August 26th. Pre-order your copy HERE! Price $25.33 u.s. (includes shipping) They will ship to foreign post. Many thanks to our Skarsister Anita for catching this.

WARNING: We are told there will be two covers to this edition so when you order…you MAY NOT get the cover with the Tall One!

Check locally if you can…my Barnes and Noble in Wisconsin does not carry Wonderland but a local News and Hobby shop does and it costs only $12 off the stand!

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