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Alexander Skarsgard
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Here’s another interview with Alexander Skarsgard, Eric Northman, promoting the third season of True Blood which is now showing in Poland. This time the publication is FILM Magazine.

The interview is similar to several of the other interviews he’s given except for the last few questions.
The interview is translated once again by True Blood Nester & Polish correspondent, Joanna ‘Teahead” Bogusławska.

Thank you again Joanna and my favorite ladies at TB News!!!


Swedish actor, Alexander Skarsgard, the star of HBO’s “True Blood,” came to Poland to promote the series’ third season straight from Hawaii. Satisfied with the familiar chill, intrigued by Poland and constantly surprised by his popularity, he told us something about himself, vampire Eric, and where he feels at home.

Why, in your opinion, are vampires so fascinating for both their creators and viewers?

Maybe it’s because they have strength and perfection unreachable for us, the mortals. Gigantic life experience gives them wisdom and knowledge impossible for humans to even imagine during their short lives. There is both mystery and suffering in them. I do not find this fascination strange at all, I succumb to it as well.

Did you agree to play Eric immediately?

At first all I knew was I was supposed to play a Viking vampire and I felt intrigued by it immediately. Who would not want to play someone like that? Later, it turned out that it’s an HBO show and its creator is Alan Ball. I had no further questions, as I have always been his fan. I love “Six Feet Under”.

Which of the film vampires became your biggest inspiration?

There are many fantastic actors, who played such part. Among my favorite ones are Gary Oldman, but also Bela Lugosi and Klaus Kinsky, I admire their work and watched their work with great attention. I must admit the classical vampire movies are the ones I like the most. “Interview With A Vampire” was pretty good, but, apart from “True Blood” I do not find the new productions particularly appealing.

You received a Scream Award for the Best Villain last year, this year you won in Best Actor category. Do you think Eric’s really so bad?

No. He might have seemed like that at the beginning of the series, and that is probably why I got the Best Villain award, but Eric is rather a multilayered character. We know he was not showing his true emotions and intentions, there’s a kind of a dramatic fracture in him. It’s a very complicated character, you will see that in season 3. This is exactly what I find so interesting about Eric. I can only wish myself to play such multilayered characters as often as possible.

Would you like to live forever, just like Eric?

I don’t think so. Neither Eric nor other “True Blood’ vampires seem to be too happy. When you live for so long, you lose so many people you care about it that it becomes unbearable. There is something beautiful in the idea of growing old together. We know that none of the vampires will ever experience that.

Would ever be interested in directing an episode of “True Blood”? You have already made your debut as a director, your short film “To Kill A Child” in 2003 and it won Grand Prix during Danish film festival in Odense. Are you planning to direct movies next?

When it comes to “True Blood” I don’t think I would manage. But, perhaps, I should try? It’s true, some years ago I made a short film and I admit, I am interested in directing. I am, however, far too busy with acting.

Are you aware of the popularity that you have gained because of “True Blood”?

It’s the worst in America. There is a pure madness concerning the show and actors playing in it. For me popularity happened during one night, sort of, so I am still a little surprised about it. But I do not complain – it has created many opportunities for me and has given me a chance to take part in other projects. There are always two sides of one coin.

Why did you beat up a paparazzi in Los Angeles?

It wasn’t so serious. Nobody was hurt, no charges were pressed.

And how did you manage to star in Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” videoclip?

Jonas Akerlung, the director of the clip, has been my friend since we lived in Sweden. He told me about the idea and asked if I wanted to take part in it. I thought it would be great fun. If you’ve seen the clip, you know what I mean.

Have you heard Snoop Dog’s song about Eric?

Oh yes, I love it.

You spend a lot of time in the States now. Does it feel like home?

It’s where I mostly work. Although, of course I have a lot of friends there. But when I come to Sweden once every few months, I feel Stockholm is my real home. I like spending time with my family, siblings and I miss them when I’m in America. We have always been very close. Now it’s much harder. I’m sometimes worried, because since my parents’ divorce, I know they miss me even more. But I know my brothers are doing great without me.

(Interviewer: Anita Zuchora)

SOURCE: True Blood News at the Nest *kisses*


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