Blast – I Don’t Feel Sexy

“I don’t feel sexy…”

An older article (1998) from Aftonbladet…

good questions…great answers….enjoy….

He is the son of one of the country’s most famous actor. He plays Markus in ”White lies”
and gets naughty fan-letters from middle aged women. Pulse’s Malin Hendriksen has met Sweden’s sexiest guy– Alexander Skarsgård , 22.

Alexander Skarsgård – just a common guy.

You would think that you are Sweden’s sexiest man because you are photogenic and muscular.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Pulse has made a completely unscientific survey about what makes someone gorgeous. And found the following to be the truth: Sweden’s most sexy man needs to be cuddly, blonde and on TV.

As if you mixed all Swedish men and come out with Mr. Average. Only a Mr. Average who is visible on TV. Claes Åkesson, Samuel Fröler and Anders Lundin are all nice guys. But they aren’t precisely men who makes you want to rip their clothes off. They have other qualities that obviously are very sexy.

They are common.

And this is where Alexander Skarsgård fits in. He is a nice, well-behaved pretty common 22 year-old guy who temporarily moved back in with his parents. Not exotic but more like the boy next door.
Lives on the couch at his parents’

But hold it right there.

To sleep on the floor in the computer room at your parents’ is NOT sexy.

– I’m without my own place but it doesn’t feel like I moved back home. I just have my back pack and my stuff there. The plan is that me and my brother Gustaf will buy an apartment together. If we can find one. For the moment I have all my belongings stored in boxes in the attic. It’s pretty hard, he says.

There is really just one place they are interested in living in. In Södermalm in Stockholm. This is where the Skarsgård family has it’s heart. This is where the parents live, this is where Alexander grew up. He is the oldest of six siblings. Younger siblings are Gustaf, Sam, Bill, Eija and Valter. And then there is also Mom and Dad, My and Stellan Skarsgård.

– We’re a very big family. My cousins live upstairs from us and my Grandmother lives around the block. There’s always lots of people coming and going and big dinner parties, often family gatherings of 50 people. Dad’s best friends are his siblings and my Mom spends a lot of time with her family.

– It’s great to have this many siblings. The youngest one is 4, so I don’t think I will rush into getting my own kids anytime soon. I mean, I could be his Dad.

Isn’t it hard to get a good relationship when the age-gap is that wide?

-I don’t sit and talk work or chicks with my youngest brother who is 4, but they all mean a lot to me anyway.

To have a Dad who is a famous movie star did have it’s advantages. Such as getting his first part in a movie at 7. The movie was “Åke and his world”. Dad got him the part.
Acting became too much

– But it was my pre-school teacher that made me start acting. She took the whole class to ”Our Theatre” when we were 4 yrs old.

Dad added something completely different…

– I’ve never worked with Dad, but the attitude towards the job is something I’m almost been brain-washed with. He’s got a huge distance to what he does, but is incredibly focused and engaged and ambitious about work. He’s got a great attitude and that is what he taught me.

The movie career was moving along smoothly. But one day it became too much. The commotion made him feel uncomfortable.

– I was playing a part in the TV-show ”the smiling dog”. After that came out I just felt that everyone everywhere was staring at me. It was obnoxious and very uncomfortable. As soon as I was out and heard someone laugh, I thought it was at me. I didn’t feel good at all. I was thirteen years old, and that is a very sensitive age.

Gave up his career

Alexander completely gave up acting. He decided to do something different with his life. He finished school, did his military service and left for Leeds to study languages. And it wasn’t until then he started to change his mind. After all, it was so much fun being on a stage performing.

– I started to think that I might be able to handle the commotion in a better way since I was older and wiser. So I decided to give the whole acting thing a second try and applied to an acting school in New York, and was accepted. I went there for half a year in 1997. And then I was lucky enough to get a job.

What did your parents say? Didn’t they want you to be a doctor or a lawyer or something like that?

– They’ve always supported me. When I was younger it was all just a game to me. And they kept it like that. This time Dad is paying for the education in New York, so he has helped me a lot both financially and mentally.

– I will continue doing this for as long as it’s fun and as long as I keep getting offers. But if either of that changes I will quit.

Did the commotion surrounding your Dad ever make you think twice?

– No, it was probably mostly the commotion surrounding myself that made me quit. Of course I could relate to Dad. I saw that compared to my Dad, the commotion surrounding me was nothing, but it made me realize what things would be like if you were to become a celebrity.

Is recognized out in the streets

Now Alexander Skarsgård is famous for something else than his Dad. He’s playing Markus in “White Lies” until fall. After that his character will be written out of the story. How is still a secret. And now people really do recognize him out in the streets.
– Sometimes people come up to me and say something. I like it much better if they say “I saw you on TV” rather than just standing and pointing at me or giggling behind my back. And I get a lot of fan mail. I’ve gotten letters from guys, young kids, old ladies, if you are allowed to say that. They, the old ladies I mean, write to tell me what they want to do to me beneath exotic waterfalls. It’s a bit absurb.
I felt as if everyone was just staring at me

Do you watch when you’re on TV?
– Sometimes I’ll watch ”White lies”. At the beginning it was good to do that, because it helps you spot things you are doing wrong. But it’s also fun to re-live the actual shooting. Kind of like watching your own home-movie. And since the episodes shown now was shot before Christmas, it wakes old memories.

A Skarsgård is a Skarsgård

Alexander shares his father’s last name. This fact makes it easy to think that he got his parts because of it.
– I can’t think like that. If I did I wouldn’t function as an actor. My self-confidence would disappear completely. I have to believe in myself and feel secure knowing that I can do this. If I start to think that I got the part just because of who is my Dad, despite thinking I suck, then all of it would fall apart.

-It’s really very important to not have that attitude. I often get that exact question from journalists, but when I work I don’t feel my name got me the part. Of course people will ask me about Dad, a lot of them have worked with him, but it’s just cool to work with people who remember when I was younger. They never ask me to get a reaction out of me.

Alexander isn’t vain. He only works out five times a week.
In acting looks are important. And it doesn’t hurt to be named Sweden’s sexiest.

-Yes, even if you don’t want it to – looks are important. But there are also disadvantages sometimes. Sometimes they are looking for someone with strong features rather than a pretty face. If you have that you often get to do stronger characters, but if you’re a pretty face you just get to do mainstream characters. You get to play the nice guy or girl that everyone feels sorry for.

So you are the pretty face?

– Well, not really. But a little. It’s just so fucking boring to be type-casted because of the way you look. So far I’ve just played harmless, feel-sorry-for guys. You have to always strive against that and remember to not choose parts like that. And if I do accept to play such a part I’ll have to make the most out of it and try to get the character into a different direction as much as possible.

Do you think you are good-looking?

– I don’t feel sexy. But that varies. Sometimes you feel like you’re a hunk. If you’ve got a tan, just got out of the shower and put your best clothes on, you feel pretty content with your looks. But if you wake up on a Sunday morning with a hang-over, it’s not quite the same feeling.

– I had a huge hang-up on being so skinny. I’ve always been skinny and thought it sucked when I was younger. But I’ve learned to live with it. It fades away as you grow older.

– I do care what I’m wearing, but it’s more that I’m interested in clothes rather than it being a hobby. I don’t think twice about going to the grocery store with a hangover, without combing my hair or taking a shower. I don’t go to the gym because I’m vain. When I’m not working and when in Stockholm, I will work out five times a week. Maybe it all begun because I didn’t like being so skinny, but now it’s definitely because it makes me feel good. It’s kind of like therapy. When you run you get away from the city, it’s just you and the nature and you get a lot of time to think.

Alexander Skarsgård


Age: 22. Lives: With Mom and Dad in Söder, Stockholm.

Reads: Scripts. Family: Younger siblings Gustaf, Sam, Bill, Eija and Valter.

And of course Mom My and Dad Stellan.

Watches: “Simpsons”. Drives: Mom and Dad’s Volvo.

Music: Everything from 60’s pop to techno.

The group Europe’s compilation is a favorite.

Current:Elected to Sweden’s sexiest man by Pulse readers

Alexander’s nearest future contains work, work, work and more work. Right now he’s in ”Judith”, a three episode TV-show for Swedish Television. Simultaneously he is shooting a movie “The diver” Izabella Scorupco and Stefan Sauk in Bohuslän. And further towards summer it might be time for another movie. Not much free time for anything else. As in having a relationship for example.

– I am not in love. But I’ve never had any good relationships. Only once in my whole life did I have a relationship that lasted more than a few of weeks. And it was bad from the start. I just haven’t met anyone where I felt “this is the one”.

Are you easy to live with?

– I suppose not. But yeah, I want to believe I am. I’ve just not met anyone I fell head over heels in love with. Sure, I’ve fallen in love, but there’s always been huge obstacles involved everytime. Like they were living far away so we haven’t been able to see each other or stuff like that. Of course there are times when you might miss it, but it’s pretty ok anyway. When I was in school it was more important to go out partying and meet with friends. It’s just recently that I actually started to miss it.

What makes you fall in love?

– Charming, smart girls.

Isn’t that a cliché that every guy uses?

– Yes, that might be the case. But it really is great with smart, funny girls that you can bring along to do stuff with. It’s probably exciting to be with a gorgeous girl who just sits there and smiles. For about 15 minutes or so.

The future is still a bit unclear. Alexander can’t see any plans after the end of summer. But as things are looking now there will be more movies, preferable some theatre and most likely no application to acting school. And further in the future there will most definitely be to start his own family.

– Of course you want kids. I know I do. But I haven’t started looking for a place to settle down yet. And I won’t be buying a family car anytime soon. My parent’s Volvo is all I need right now, and I can use it anytime I want.

Are you the best-looking one in the family now?

– No, Eija is. She’s a girl. She will grow up to be beautiful.

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