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True Blood: Eric

“Anyone who knows my vidding style knows one thing: the song is my muse. If a song truly doesn’t inspire me with images and emotion I’ll never use it..no matter how popular it is. When I put together this video I did so after going through my enormous playlist of music, and rediscovered this little gem. The images flooded my mind, a combination of Sookie/Eric from the HBO series and the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I wanted to tell the story, one of longing and an indefinable connection to another soul. Slowly layers are peeled away with emotions and imperfections exposed. It was THE perfect song for them.

The audio and the scenes are cut together to tell a story. It’s a story I firmly believe in. One of trust, love and acceptance. And of course, imperfection. There is no perfect love or relationship. We are too complicated of creatures to manage that. I never thought this video would become as popular or loved, by some, as it has. Believe it or not it has also sent non-watchers off to check out the series as well as buy the Sookie stackhouse books. Suddenly people are discovering how wonderful Dido is… perhaps everytime they hear this song they think of True Blood. And that pleases me most.