Blast from the Past>>>> Alexander Bad-Guy…

Alexander doesn’t want to be sexy. He wants to be ugly and with a fake nose.

And he wants a girlfriend….

– I envy the relationships my friends have, he says.

Puls Anna Hansson has met the hottest single in Sweden.

We’d rather meet with Alexander Skarsgård in a sauna. Ask him hot questions and take hot pictures of the guy considered to be one of the sexiest guys in Sweden.

But you can’t always get want you want.

– I’d rather not. I am working hard at getting rid of that sexy look, he says quite nice but determined over the phone.

Instead we are going to have a coffee at the café Sturekatten in Stockholm. It doesn’t get cosier than this. And hardly any sexier.

Alexander has just finished shooting the movie ”The Dog Trick”, where he plays the desperate B-list celebrity ”Survival Micke”. Next up is a big part in ”Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf?” at the South Theatre in Stockholm, starring Suzanne Reuter, Krister Henriksson and Cecilia Frode.
But it’s the tiny tiny part in the twisted Ben Stiller-comedy “Zoolander” that counts. Those few minutes as the stupid model Meekus will give him the coveted ticket to Hollywood.

Because that is where Alexander wants to head, right?

– Ì try to go to Los Angeles a couple of times each year. I’ve got management there and it’s important to show up from time to time, so that you won’t be forgotten. And earlier this spring I met with some casting directors and producers and talked a bit, but it didn’t lead to anything.

– I really should be there more often, but right now I’m just not up for it. I like it best at home.

How big difference does your last name do in Hollywood?

– I don’t know. The casting directors you meet with do know my Dad, but I don’t think that is the reason I get work in Hollywood. You know, because of my name. It’s not like he is such a big star that it’s why. And as an actor I’ve got to believe in myself and what I can do on my own.

What was it like to shoot “Zoolander”?

– Fun! Very different to anything I’ve ever done in Sweden, much bigger and more fuss around me as an actor, more show-off and expensive. And even a loser like me got to travel in first class, ride in a huge limo and stay at the trendiest hotel. The whole package.

– And during the shooting, when you set the light and stuff, it’s the body-doubles doing that instead of the actors themselves.

And you liked working like that?

– Yes, even though I like it better the way we do it in Sweden, I think.

Back to the Sauna. And the sexy look, that he claims to be tired of. Alexander almost looks angry when I bring it up.

– A lot of interviews I do are focused on my looks. I don’t want to make it worse by sitting in a sauna all covered in oil and sweating with nothing on.

– Someone looked me up in the Internet and all it said about me was “son of Stellan, voted three times sexiest in Sweden”. I would have hoped that it would say something about me as an actor.

– Professionally it’s a risk to be associated as being the sexy guy. Most parts I get offered are as the good-looking guy and it’s not fun anymore. Gives me no new challenges; I’d rather play the bad guy.

But now you just wrapped up ”Zoolander” where you play a model?

– Yes, but it was a stupid and shallow character, hardly a sex symbol. But I would love to play with my looks and get a part where I looked really scary. Like Dad, he did a lot of fun parts wearing fake noses and fake teeth and he looked so scary it almost made me throw up.

Do you find it easy to meet girls?

– Yeah, kind of. But I’m still single, so I haven’t met the right one yet.

Have you had many relationships?

– No, not really. Three and they lasted like four months each.

Four months was the longest?

– Yes, Alexander says and laughs at two wide open eyes.


– I don’t know, but it wasn’t planned. One time I ended it because I felt it was wrong. One time I was really in love, but she wasn’t and broke up. I just haven’t met the right one, it’s as simple as that.

Does that bother you?

– Yes and no. I mean, when I look at my friends who are so in love they’re about to faint, I want it too. But it’s not like I’m getting desperate. It will come in time.

But it’s always a security to have a relationship

– Yes, I’ve had many friends that have been in the same situation as I am and had bad relationships. Some of them are now in serious relationships and I would lie if I said I didn’t envy what they have when I look at them.

So what do you have as a substitute. A dog?

– No, I have a blow-up doll (huge laugh).

– I have a lot of great friends. We are a gang of five guys who known each other since we were six years old. We know each other by heart.

Have there been many romantic rumors about you?

– Yes, last fall it was me and Princess Madelaine.

How did that make you feel?

– Well, it was quite a surprise. I had just been in London visiting a friend. And when I got home I was met by headlines saying that her and me had met in a night club, that it was a tender reunion and that we had danced and kissed all night.

So where did this rumour come from?

– I don’t know. She doesn’t even know who I am, Ive never met her.

So there’s nothing going on between you?

– No.

Sorry Madde. Because Alexander Skarsgård is like the nicest guy in the world, I guarantee that and so does the photographer.

Anna Hansson

Published: 1-25-2002


Alexander stats

Name: Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård. Age: 25. Occupation: Actor.

Lives: Two room apartment in Söder in Stockholm Family: Dad Stellan, Mom My, siblings Gustav 21, Sam 19, Bill 11, Eija 9 and Valter 6.

Paycheck: “I’ve got quite a lot of money.” Girlfriend: No. Length: 193 cm. Weight: 90 kg.

Politics: Last time I voted for Vänsterpartiet (left-wing).
Last movie: “PS: Last summer”. Last cd: Eek-A-Mouse (reggae) and a compilation with Depeche Mode.

Drinks: Milk. Eats: Everything. Looks up to: Eddie Izzard, English comedian.

Current: Plays a model in the american comedy “Zoolander”, opening on February 1. After that he’s playing a part in ”Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?” at the South Theatre in Stockholm.

SOURCE:  Aftonbladet (Tack J…as always…kram to you!!)

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