Blast from the past….”Alexander Skarsgård becomes 30 years old…”

Alexander Skarsgård just came back home from Los Angeles. He has been looking for roles just like any other actor.
“I would never get a job here because I’m Stellan’s son”, he says. Archive picture: Scanpix Scanpix/Arkiv

Published: August 22, 2006

Malin Eijde/TT Spektra

Alexander Skarsgård is back in Stockholm after a winter in Los Angeles. The 30 year line is passed with a maybe-role in a western film and a dream about Antarctica in his back pocket.


To become 30 has its advantages for an actor. The roles “at least the male ones” becomes more and more interesting. And Alexander Skarsgård is pretty happy about his 30 year old self.

– I kind of like it, I like myself better now than I did ten years ago.

The birthday is somewhat overshadowed by the planning for his best friends wedding the following weekend, so the celebration will be more of the spontaneous kind.
Then awaits the autumns big question: Penguins or the Wild West? Alexander is at the moment considering an offer in an American film that takes place in the 19th century Arizona, with recording start in September.

But then again there is this thing with Antarctica. He has looked into the possibilities to go on an expedition ship from Southampton in England to the cold continent and ponders if that shouldn’t be an appropriate gift to give himself on his 30th birthday.

-I’ve heard about a small island close to Antarctica where a million penguins gather every year. Not to mate, but because there’s nothing else to do. Love the idea to see a million bored penguins staring out over the never ending ocean and radiate “Oh, was this all?”

Right now he’s just gotten home from a winter in Los Angeles. There have been months of meetings and auditions and an endless reading of scripts that his agent thinks would suit him.

The USA sojourn is about broadening the working area beyond the Swedish borders, looking for the position most actors dreams about being in: to be able to choose from the roles and just pick up the gold nuggets.

-The market at home is very small and if you are going to free-lance as an actor you sometimes need to take jobs that you’re not burning for, just to pay the rent. Unfortunately all Swedish actors have been forced to do that, says Alexander.

-If I can combine the work at home with working abroad I will put myself in a better situation.

But the competition in Hollywood is knife-sharp and to come directly from a well-known film and theater family is no short-cut into the international film business, not even if you have a father who already has an established name.

– They can’t sell a big film on only my old man in the US, so that I would get a job just because I’m Stellan’s son would never happen as I said that if he can’t sell the film why would I?

He say’s that all you have to do is get yourself together and get last in line for every audition. “When you’re up against a lot of other people with similar ability and looks you have to be able to swallow one or two “no thanks!”

-As long as I feel that I can be satisfied with my contribution on an audition, I can take a no. It’s a lot harder when you get over there, not properly prepared, then you feel that you’re wasting your time, he says.

-But it’s always possible that they’re looking for someone who’s a bit darker or cooler or shorter or taller? Whatever the character they’re looking for.

This autumn we can see Alexander Skarsgård in the Swedish thriller “Exit” that takes place in Stockholm’s financial world. In that one he plays against Mads Mikkelsen, one of Denmark’s hottest actors and also a villain in the next Bond film. We’ve also had the chance to see Mads Mikkelsen in the Danish TV-series “Mordkommissionen” (The murder squad).

– It was wicked. Mads is a very dedicated and generous actor.

Right now Alexander is also on topic in a new drama series that circles around football (soccer), frauds and the friendship between two men from two different cultures. It’s a cooperation between the Swedish and South African television and it was filmed in a shanty town outside of Johannesburg last autumn.

-There was a lot of mixed emotions during the filming, because even though the living standards were so poor, the people there still had an enormous fellowship, says Alexander. There were amazing meetings, at the same time as it was so horrible to see that the society was still so segregated.

After having spent the last years in front of a camera, the theater now feels attractive. It have been almost three years since Alexander did the part as Leonardo in Lorcas “Blodsbröllop” (Blood wedding) on Göterborgs Stadsteater (Gothenburg’s Community Theater), and he feels the pull to the stage more and more.

About the future he says:

– The long-term dream is to be able to combine as much as possible of both stage and film and different genres and types of characters.

CONGRATULATIONS Alexander Skarsgård

On topic: Turns 30 August 25
Lives: Södermalm in Stockholm.
Family: Mother, father and five siblings.
Happening this autumn: In the thriller Exit, premiere October 6 and Score, a mini series in three parts on SVT.

(SVT = Sveriges Television = Swedish Television)

SOURCE: HD and thanks to our Swedie Kim for the wonderful translation!!! POK!!

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