Fangs For A Future – True Blood 5 Seasonal Charity Event

Fangs For A Future –

True Blood 5 Seasonal Charity Event –

Alexander Skarsgard Fans Unite

We wanted to do something fun, yet beneficial, for the True Blood Season 5 premiere, so we put our heads together (trust me…it helps) and came up with a little friendly competition we’re calling FANGS FOR A FUTURE! Let us tell you a little bit about the charity first…

We’re raising money for the fight against childhood malnutrition.

Recognized as a leader in the fight against malnutrition, Action Against Hunger | ACF International saves the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, ACF runs life-saving programs in some 40 countries benefiting five million people each year. – Read More

For the first time in history, the number of hungry people in the world has passed the 1 billion mark. One in six people go to bed desperately hungry every night. And last year, an estimated 5 million young children died from complications from acute malnutrition.

These figures are frightening and sad! We’re hoping with a little assistance from us, we can help to make a difference by not only raising funds as a team, but by spreading the Action Against Hunger link so continued support for this cause will be an on-going possibility. We’re all about the innocent teacup humans and they need our help!

Through research we’ve been inspired to take our own action. With Alexander’s blessing and support, we’re offering this fund-raising endeavor to Alexander Skarsgard’s fans as our True Blood 5 Seasonal Charity Event.

We have a fun competition planned with prizes for those who truly step up and aid Team Skarsgard in making even a little impact toward the goal of ending hunger for starving children and families around the world!

We’re asking fans to do whatever they can to raise money while the season airs. Be it rummage sales, bake sales, marathon sponsorships or holding your own True Blood themed parties weekly…the possibilities are limitless.

You can sign on to this event by becoming your own “TEAM” or by simply making a “one-time” donation to the link on our Team Skarsgard page.


To donate using PayPal ~ click the button…

(Team captains should request their own PayPal button from charity…email us for more info.)

A “TEAM” can, and will most likely be, an individual striving for the first place prize. Asking friends, family, co-workers, your mailman for a donation to your cause…all you need to do then is to spread the link and the DONATE button will be right at good ol’Aunt Enda’s fingertips! Your total will tally up each time a donation is made to the TEAM page you create. That way it’s easy for you to keep track and other teams can see where they are in the standings against you and you against them!

We want to promote the competition here to make it a fun event for everyone but we also wanted to make it possible for ALL our donors to win a prize.
First place will only go to the highest earning TEAM! Each TEAM’s goal should be to raise at least $500 dollars for the cause.
Second and third place prizes will be available NOT ONLY to TEAM PLAYERS but also to the highest Donors.

START DATE is JUNE 10th, 2012 and ENDS with the SEASON FINALE

The prize packages are as follows and may grow as time goes on:


First Place – (ONLY available to HIGHEST earning TEAM Player)

Alexander’s personal/signed True Blood Season 4 Episode 2 script, a True Blood Lantern (donated by the lovely ladies at Northman’s Party Vamps) and a exclusive 8×10 photograph of Alexander (taken either at WonderCon or Paleyfest).


Second Place – (Available to 2nd HIGHEST earning of either TEAM players or ONE TIME Donors)

An Alexander Skarsgard signed GQ magazine (June 2011), a True Blood Lantern (donated by the lovely ladies at Northman’s Party Vamps) and a exclusive 8×10 photograph of Alexander (taken either at WonderCon or Paleyfest).


Third Place – (Available to 3rd HIGHEST earning of either TEAM players or ONE TIME Donors)

A t-shirt of your choice from our exclusive Swede Tee Shop, a True Blood Lantern (donated by the lovely ladies at Northman’s Party Vamps) and a exclusive 8×10 photograph of Alexander (taken either at WonderCon or Paleyfest).


We can’t make any promises due to his busy schedule, but something is in the works and if he can do it…he will! 🙂

To sign up as a Skarsgard Team Sub-Captain and help us to raise funds, competing against other teams in hopes of winning the grand prize (A personal copy of Alexander’s signed Season 4 True Blood script), use the following link to start your own branch of Team Skarsgard.



Any donations to our prize packages in way of True Blood/Alex related products, are greatly welcomed!

We are very thankful for your gift, your support and are honored to have you on our team!
Watch how we’re doing HERE —->

Team Skarsgard

To learn more about Action Against Hunger and their life-saving programs, visit Action Against Hunger

Visit our sites for more info as the competition rallies on – SkarsgardFans.Com and/or AlexSkarsgard.Net

Our friends over at Northman’s Party Vamps sent over a few ideas to share to get you started on the ULTIMATE True Blood Party…

Planning a True Blood viewing party is so easy to do since the show provides unlimited inspiration. You can transform rooms of your house into different sets like Fangtasia, Merlottes, The Moon Goddess Emporium, Bills Office, etc. Get your True Blood friends involved and make it a weekend affair!

Plan some fun games to play with all of your Trubie friends. “True Blood Bingo”, “True Blood Jeopardy”, “Eat Your Heart Out” and “Who Said It” are just a few ideas to entertain your guests and yourself. We have game prize ideas that are easy to make yourself.

Food and drinks are a staple to any party. It’s fun to incorporate your True Blood theme when deciding on your menu. Lafayette’s AIDS Burgers, Maryann’s Meatballs, Bleeding Strawberries, Blood Splattered cupcakes, Deviled Eggs Benedict and Glamour Jell-O Shots are just a few of many options. You can add a little Bloody twist to almost any dish making it worthy of a Trubie Gathering.

Northman’s Party Vamps have plenty of ideas and tutorials to help make your party planning a breeze. You’ll definitely “wow” those Trubies when they step inside your very own Bon Temps.


If you need help creating your TEAM Page… Please ask myself HERE – Admin@AlexSkarsgard.Net or…
email the charity directly at Action Against Hunger – Dominique Hernandez

Any other questions, please let me know at the email provided…Thank you – Tack så mycket! – Jenna

A special thanks to Caroline M. for sharing her brilliant ideas with us for this event! Love ya lady! –J…oh and Alex loves ya too… 😮

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