Video: Alexander Skarsgard Describes His Dad as “a Cool Cat”

Alexander Skarsgård and Kirsten Dunst talk to MTV about their movie Melancholia, which opens in limited release today. Alex gives his thoughts on his father, Stellan, and the character his father plays.

In the movie, Alexander plays mild-mannered Michael, the man who marries Kirsten Dunst‘s slightly unhinged Justine. Father Stellan plays Justine’s boss and Michael’s best man, Jack – a role that required the elder Skarsgård to act out some less than savory behavior.

“He’s such a douche bag in the movie,” Alexander said with a grin.

“Your dad’s a douche bag?” Dunst answered, laughing.

“Well, he is,” Alexander confirmed. “What I thought was interesting about Michael was that he’d pick this guy as his best man at his wedding. This is not his best friend. It’s his wife’s boss, and he does it just to kind of help his wife in her career. It says a lot about Michael.” (Not to mention the trajectory of their love affair.)

Despite Jack’s unpleasant demeanor, working with dad Stellan was an experience Alexander truly cherished.

“It was awesome,” he enthused. “We’ve never worked together before. He’s one of my best friends. I love hanging out with him. Being able to hang out for two months – we shot in [our home country of] Sweden, and I thought it was great that he wasn’t my dad.”

“They’re really cute together as father and son,” Dunst chimed in. “They’re like bros.”

“He’s pretty rad. He’s a cool cat,” Alexander said.

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