Alexander Skarsgard in ‘The East’

As we reported back in August, Alexander Skarsgard is keeping himself a very busy boy! It was now also confirmed by Variety that our Tall One will be starring next to Ellen Page & Brit Marling in Zal Batmanglij’s thriller “The East.” (Written by Batmanglij and Marling).

The film centers on a terrorist group that targets unethical corporations. Skarsgard will play the leader of the eco-terrorist gang, while Marling is set to play an FBI agent trying to infiltrate the group.

Variety reports:

Story concerns a private contracting firm tasked with protecting big corporations from radical environmentalists and anti-business extremists that assigns its best and brightest agent to infiltrate a mysterious anarchist organization known only as ‘The East.’

Marling stars as the undercover agent, who finds herself falling for the leader of The East, who will be played by Skarsgard. Page will play Izzy, a member of The East who used to be Skarsgard’s lover and is now jealous of the attention he pays Marling’s character.

Production starts Nov. 1.

Michael Costigan of Scott Free Prods. is producing.

NOTE: Please remember…Alexander will be ON-SET WORKING!!! Filming is not an 8 – 5 job so there are going to be a lot of times where Alex is just not available and yes he is human and gets tired like the rest of us. When Alex feels the need to tell his fans that he can’t breathe, we feel the need to hop up on our soapbox and ask our friends and family to be reasonable when considering a visit to the set of any production. I can’t imagine that Alex or any of the people trying to work around him…appreciate the throngs of people waiting for him. Skarsfam…if you are standing in the rain, waiting for hours on end on the set or camping outside of any number of hotels there is a problem. Please keep in mind that anyone, even Alex, can become overwhelmed by a crowd… Alex is a genuinely nice guy but we see signs that things are starting to weigh on him. Filming is NOT a public event!!! If you wish to meet Alexander, we recommend attending any number of public events he may be scheduled for throughout the year! Traveling to “see him” while filming is not appropriate or something we advocate doing, nor is standing around set making it hard for the cast and crew to get their job done! This is ALEXANDER’S career…If you really wish him to do a good job…let the man work stress free!

Please people…give the Tall One the room he needs to work, to relax and to be a guy while he’s doing his job…FOR OUR VIEWING PLEASURE!!!

Thank you for understanding!

SOURCE: ASHQ & Variety

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