MTV News: Alexander Skarsgard Talks Next Season of True Blood

True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard talked with MTV and talked about what’s to possibly come next season on True Blood.

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4 Responses to “MTV News: Alexander Skarsgard Talks Next Season of True Blood”

  1. April Williams says:

    I am hoping the writers have Eric become more like his old self. He can have the sensitivity with Sookie but for everyone else he needs to be bold, strong, and masculine. Loved the sensitive, charming Eric; but it is the original Eric (character) I fell in love with; the vampire you wouldn’t think twice about crossing.

  2. trace13 says:

    I kinada agree with April. We all feel in love with the old Eric and I just loved it when it was different with Sookie. I think he can still be both and that the love for her will not mess with how he used to get when needed to be. You cant take the viking out of him, it will always be there raging!

  3. sopenshaw says:

    I hope they don’t loose their incredible chemistry together. I just love how Eric is different with Sookie. I think they said they are going into the back story of Pam and Eric. That should be fun. Did anyone see the auction they had for lunch with Alex and Kristin? $28, 500 final bid (for a good cause). Who has that kind of money? Sheesh.

  4. ddreads says:

    I agree, the sensitive Eric needs to be seen only in Private with Sookie and the Tough Viking should come back for everyone else. Besides, the way the season ended, it sounded as if the AVL may be against Eric and Bill. And with Russell’s pending return we need our Warrior Vampire back and as we all know Bill is all talk and no BITE!!!

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