The Cinema Society – Straw Dogs Premiere

The Cinema Society

Screening of Screen Gems’ “Straw Dogs” at the Tribeca Grand Hotel – NYC

September 15th, 2011

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3 Responses to “The Cinema Society – Straw Dogs Premiere”

  1. sopenshaw says:

    Looking good, Mr Skarsgard….

  2. sunshine10 says:

    Just saw “Straw dogs”…. Wow, I am totally, emotionally exhausted. It’s a great film, like great cinema, all facets of this brilliant Jewel, are perfect. I saw Sam Peckinpaw’s “Straw dogs” in 197?, long ago, with Dustin Hoffman, but this is so much deeper, emotionally….we get a chance to see the “country boys” background. It’s very violent and graphic, and even if I had to pee really bad, I couldn’t take my eyes away from the screen.

    Oh, and Alexander looks amazing! Kate Bosworth’s performance looks like it was a very demanding part and she really excelled in her role.


  3. ddreads says:

    I saw Straw Dogs this weekend too! Excellent movie. I found my self seeing that every single person in that entire town was guilty of something and innocent too. I even felt something for each of the bad guys and thought each of the good guys were just as quilty. Wow…really made me stop and think that everything is not how it seems, undercurrents can really affect people’s reactions. Alexander was of course – Perfect. I loved his Mississippi accent!

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