The Paley Experience: Stuff You Probably Don’t Want To Know

Los Angeles, May 5th, 2011

Paleyfest, True Blood

Of course we had to go…

We were excited to see not only what season 4 of True Blood held for us, you, the cast… we were also ecstatic that after almost two years of knowing one another, us good friends would finally get to meet face to face.

Our crazy fun loving group joined together, in LA… the outcome would be epic and it titillated our dreams… (well okay… maybe not quite that far but… just saying)!

Lividity came from the south, Jenna the north, Jody the east, Marie the west and ZZ from far, far away. We traveled the miles, the distance, to swoop in and grab the event by the proverbial balls… complete coverage for you… a long awaited meeting of the minds for us!

Much happened in those four fabulous days! Mostly the sounds of laughter, lack of sleep, the frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages, even a few unnecessary pole dances (a result of the alcohol which produced the laughter… *cough* LIV *cough*). A lot of which we’ll never share, not yet at least, but we inevitably got some work done!

A few of us toured the Warner Brother Lots… getting a glimpse of the Merlotte’s building, its parking lot and the sacred tree under which Sookie saved Bill.

Big-Ass-Hard-to-Find Billboard

We found the treasured Hickey Freeman billboard on which the Swedish Viking, Alexander Skarsgard, so graciously lent his beautifulness (much to Jenna’s chagrin for even attempting)! It was quite the scavenger hunt, even though we knew exactly where it was… and it was large… almost three stories actually (late nights and lots of alcoholic beverages remember)?! Of course the sun had been shining and attempting to ruin our elaborate multi-camera photo shoot! Standing in the middle of Sunset Blvd, during rush hour was NOT above us however! We had work to do!!

After fleeing the angry mob of Angelenos, we hit yet more restaurants, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach and drank late into the night out of coconuts filled with mysterious concoctions that made one fall on their ass after four… or was it only two?

On Saturday we crawled from our beds, hesitantly, to attend the scheduled event, PaleyFest!

L.A. traffic was horrendous! It was almost as if some unseen force was working against us. We just couldn’t get there! But our knight in shining armor AKA Beefcake AKA Dan, fought bravely against the steel dragons and got us to the party on time! If not for the help of a few kindred spirits, Christy & Crystal, bless their hearts, we may not have achieved the results we did!

Thankful… ever thankful, we sat and observed the crowd, their readiness to see the celebrities, learn the secrets of what was to come. We watched as their smiles grew, their eyes sparkled with joy, like kids on Christmas morning.

The air in the place was filled with excitement, you could almost smell the anticipation…dear gods…at least I hope that’s what that was!!

It was obvious, True Blood was a show which fed into the fantasies and desires of so many. No man, woman or self proclaimed real life supernatural was safe! It’s a show that excites the mind, makes our hearts beat faster and most often leaves us blushing (then rewinding a few times). However others consider its subject matter to be of the “evil” kind, undead killers and monsters of the dark. Yet there, in that theater, we were surrounded by laughter, close friends and good acquaintances made online because of a mutual fascination with the series. This was a group who when the events called, they banded together to happily show their love and support to the individuals who continued to impress and make “IT” happen. This was also a group who united together outside the events to make wonderful things occur worldwide. From Kristin Bauer’s IFAW charities, to Sam Trammell’s Oceana cause, to our very own Battle of the Fang where True Blood fans internationally, pulled through once again and assisted us in raising $70,000 to clean up the oil spill and help some little teacup humans have a better life. This theater was NOT just filled with True Blood junkies, it was filled with the very people we call supporters and friends. What a wonderful place to be!

It was also filled with the loudest females’ globe wide BAR NONE! Smartest move was donning your ear plugs before the cast began to take the stage. Due to the weekend’s events however, none of us were on the Smart Train! My ENT says the damage is NOT permanent however, (at least that’s what I think he said) could have been something about rainbows and pickles. *shrugs*

Team Bellefleur!

As usual the cast was wonderful…sexy and funny. Each and every one of them had the crowd in stitches. Some were more handsome than others, say for example, Sam Trammell. Studious, talented, gorgeous and hilarious Sam… and Alexander Skarsgard, very endearing in his goofball kinda way – yet he really, really worked it for the ladies and… *Liv scowls as ZZ pushes Jenna from the keyboard*. Stephen, now he was something! Debonair, engaging, he really had the crowd focused… *TEAM BELLEFLEUR* shouts Liv defiantly as all eyes turn slowly toward her. Undaunted and chin held high she goes back to editing photos. Jenna pushes ZZ from the keyboard once again!*

Alan Ball, Executive Producer – The creator of this madness *glare* The one who unknowingly created these hobbies/jobs for us that are not only thrilling at times but have also become actual work, a self-felt responsibility, a joy, a pain…

What to say about/to Alan Ball???

Thank you seems right, (also can you make sure to add more witty comments between Eric and Sookie, maybe while Eric is naked… *JODY! The others shout!* Jenna rolls her eyes then privately nods her head in agreement*).

Loads of video and 1600 photos later we cleared the way as the fans crowded the stage in hopes of a signature or a personal glace from their favorite character(s). We’re professionals, no less, and wanted the fans to have their “moment,” plus we are far from insane and refused to be trampled to death unnecessarily. *NO SERIOUSLY…TRAMPLED. TO. DEATH.*

Women swooned, husbands growled and whimpered for escape, the cast shined with their own adoration – It was obvious they loved their fans!

After the event we stood back and watched as the folks exited the theater. It was quite the sight to see grown women emerge, giggling like the school girls they once were…

“I touched Alexander Skarsgard!” screams one while jumping up and down in place.

“Stephen signed my shirt!” shouts another as they hug and continue to jump.

As for the shirts… many folks proudly wore theirs in support of the show, their favorite fansite or their beloved team *BELLEFLEUR!!! Shouts Liv again. Multiple eyes roll…*

Mysterious concoctions consumed from hairy nuts

Tiredly we trudged to our car as excitement continued to brew around us. All the work, the planning, the money spent… now it was over.
— Au contraire mon frére!!! —
ZZ, who traveled so far to cover the event, was able to end her night RIGHTOUSLY by introducing herself in person to one sexy dark haired vampire guy and getting a hug for her troubles. Awwww!
“Hooray!” our group shouts then continues the crawl to our vehicle.
Finally, we piled into the car and let out a collective sigh at a job well done!

“Alcohol!” someone shouts from the back.
“Sleep!” grumbles another.
“Alcohol from coconuts!” shouts the first with a scowl.
“BED!!” the majority responds.

None of which happened too soon. We still had work to do! The horror of our miserable existences was that we still had 1600 photos of extremely beautiful people to go through, videos to post, an editorial to write up… no, there would be no rest for our weary souls.

LIV with a smirk: Hey chica…did you get enough pix of your boys Jenna?

Jenna: scowls…

ZZ: chuckles and pushes Jenna from the stool… taking over control of the laptop once again as her pix come into view.

Jody watching the screen: Stephen…Stephen…Stephen…*sigh*…Stephen…Stephen…Oh look…it’s Alex’s elbow and Stephen…Stephen…

LIV: grabs the comp as multiple pix in honor of the Bellefleurs fly across the screen…

Jenna: Pfttt! *does a simultaneous eyeroll with Jody*

LIV smirks: Ahh Jody…where’s your pix???

*Jody…knowing her photos were mainly of a tall Swedish guy from Sweden suspiciously YAWNS and adds a very dramatic STRETCH… “Night!” she replies and hurries up the steps to her room.

The rest of us finally hit our beds around 4:30 am. Such dedication… such loyalty… such insanity!!!

We separate the following day. A bond forever forged between us… a bond that’s only gotten stronger over the past two years.

Why do we do this? Because we, like so many other fans worldwide, shared an interest. We used our skills, whatever they were, what little we may have, to make a few places on the web where others could share our interests with us! Where those fans could gather information, attend events, walk excitedly (or exhausted) back to their vehicles and gloat over the interaction they had with a celebrity (or two…or five) they admire. A place where those fans could meet, face-to-face, with friends they made on-line because they too shared a common interest.

Friends they may hold dear for a very long time…kinda like us!

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