Melancholia Press Conference

Thanks to Skarsgard News for the heads up about this article from Aftonbladet. Translated by Google — so excuse the poor translation.

– Kirsten is getting married with Skarsgård
It was a happy, but secretive group of movie stars who met the world press in Trollhättan.
The most secretive of all was, of course, Lars von Trier. But he still offered the following.
– Kirsten Dunst to marry Alexander Skarsgård.
Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, Lars von Trier, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stellan Skarsgard. Some of the world’s major film personalities happily sat lined up in the film studio in the Film i västs studio in Trollhättan, but none of them had little to say about “Melancholia” which just started filming.
– There is a wedding and melancholy in the film. I would not say more, “said Lars von Trier mysteriously.
But he revealed which actor will in the wedding.
– Kirsten marries Skarsgard who was not here, which is Alexander. But just a short while, of course, “he said without giving further details.
Face Time von Trier
A reporter asked how the movie will look like, and the answer was “crap” by the director who was in his jocular mood.
On the questions of what it was like to work in Sweden, the stars had nothing particular to say.
– I’ve worked with lots of productions throughout the world, so there is no culture shock to be here, “said Kirsten Dunst.
– It is so good about being here is to work with Lars, she continued.
Kiefer Sutherland also had nothing but praise for Danish director
– It is an honor to work for one such as Lars. It is an honor to come here and work with him. Both right and left, I see actors that I always wanted to work with.
“Not Jack Bauer”
A reporter wondered if there was a danger that Sutherland is so strongly associated with the television series “24”.
– I didn’t hire Jack Bauer,I hired Kiefer Sutherland, and I have no problem with a familiar face. In Denmark, we have very few actors, and are used to recognize them from other works, “said von Trier.
– Are you afraid that I’ll shoot him, wondered Sutherland.

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