The Pixel Project Voters’ Choice campaign…..

The Pixel Project Voters’ Choice campaign came to a close on 30 June 2010 at noon EST with a grand total of 6364 votes and 1424 petition signatures.

We are thrilled to announce our Top Two Nominees: Alexander Skarsgard in first place and Jake Gyllenhaal in second.

Both gentlemen will be sent the results of both the voting and petition. Let’s hope either or both of them say “yes”to the 45-minute photo shoot-and-Public Service Announcement recording session for which we are petitioning!

In the meantime, all supporters will have to wait until the Mystery Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal fundraiser (to be launched later this year) to see if either Mr. Skarsgard or Mr. Gyllenhaal have agreed to come on board…

Overall, it’s been a great campaign and being that it’s the first time we have attempted this kind of campaign, we are pretty pleased with the voting turnout!

Here is the breakdown of the final results:

* Alexander Skarsgard – 2,301 votes, 36.2% and 663 petition signatures
* Jake Gyllenhaal – 1,668 votes, 26.2% and 239 petition signatures
* Hugh Jackman – 1,162 votes, 18.3% and 124 petition signatures
* David Tennant – 833 votes, 13.1% and 249 petition signatures
* Will Smith – 400 votes, 6.3% and 149 petition signatures

Team Alex really got out the vote—his vote and petition signature numbers continued to climb right until voting closed. Thanks for the outstanding effort everyone!

Team Jake also made a great push. After lagging well behind the front runner for most of the campaign, his numbers took a big jump in Week 5 and he continued to do well right to the end.

Yes Skarsdarlins’…We kicked tush!!!!

    They added a thank you post following the news….

Thanks to All of Our Supporters in the Voters’ Choice Celebrity Male Role Model Campaign…

After six exciting weeks, we have two clear winners in our Pixel Project Voters’ Choice campaign. A lot of effort from a lot of people made this campaign a success.

We would like to offer our gratitude to the following individuals and organizations for their support of this mini-campaign and their belief in the goals of The Pixel Project.

* The entire Pixel Project Voters’ Choice campaign team. You are the greatest!
* All of our partners, especially Women’s Aid Organisation Malaysia, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, The Sisterhood is Global, Taking IT Global, White Ribbon, Responsible Men, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Bright One Communications, and Step Up.
* Pete Dyson who created the celebrity portraits for us.
* Melanie Baker at
* Jenna Conde at
* Dee Dee Baldwin at
* Hazel from Immortal Dreaming
* Prophecy Girl at I’m Stalking Jake dot com.
* The team at .
* All supporters of The Pixel Project and the cause to end Violence Against Women who have stuck by us through all our crazy ideas (including this one!) and voted and signed the petition.
* All fans of Alexander Skarsgard, David Tennant, Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Will Smith who voted and signed the petition.

They extended their thanks to everyone else involved….


They added…

We are truly grateful for everything you did to publicize our campaign. We would not have had the response we did without you. Thank you so much!

If we have inadvertently omitted you, please let us know and we’ll be sure to add you to our list!

Check back on our blog for further updates on The Pixel Project, including our big Pixel Reveal fundraiser, coming up later this year.


SOURCE: The Pixel Project

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