Writing Competition Winner…

It’s time to announce the winner of our Eric/Godric Fanfic writing competition…
The five of us judges had a rather hard time trying to decide…
All the stories we’re wonderfully written and made me wish I had asked for the whole rather than limit the talents of these individuals…
But alas…we can chose only one…

Therefore it is with great pleasure I announce Ms. Sarah Prescott of Scotland our winner….

Please read her story below… ENJOY!!

And Sarah…I’ll be contacting you soon….(PS…can you write the next chapter now??….I’m serious…)

“A Time To Remember…”

By Sarah Prescott

Being a vampire was completely different 120 years ago, so was finding an easy meal for that matter. The year was 1891 and Godric and I had settled in England or more specifically, the East End of London after many years travelling. It was there that we had taken ownership of a small brothel for some time as the great depression in England made earning a living in that industry a bit easier.

The building we settled into was set in stone at the end of a busy street and the entrance to our place was enclosed within a narrow opening to a close. Inside the layout was simple, two floors and a basement. The ground floor was used as our living quarters containing a hallway and living room directly to the right of the entrance with a staircase at the far end of the hall leading up to four spacious bedrooms where we ran our business from and kept a few of the local girls. The ceilings were low with wooden beams and all the rooms were filled with solid wooden furniture. The only light that could enter through the day came through the small windows in the front rooms of the building which were round like portholes on a ship. The living room contained a long dining table with chairs and a red brick fireplace where Godric and I spent time totaling up the weeks takings. The basement where we spent our days was the only part of the building that was devoid of light. We owned around ten of the local girls providing them with shelter and security and in exchange they worked and provided us with a little something extra…their blood. We employed a middle aged woman named Kitty to watch the place during the day as she was familiar with ‘our kind’ however never spoke a word about it and agreed to work for us due to her addiction to laudanum at the time (more commonly known as a mixture of alcohol and opium) which we provided for her in exchange for her keeping a watchful eye.

It was not long after settling there that Godric and I first met William in the spring of 1888. He stood a little shorter than I at 6’2 with a lean physique and obvious physical strength, mousy brown hair with green eyes. He looked a little older, maybe late 30s and he claimed to be a private physician although never really spoke much so we didn’t question his motives as it wasn’t uncommon for men of his stature to visit different local brothels. He was a regular customer and enjoyed the company of the girls paying good money in return for their services which was good enough for us. It was also around this time however that a string of murders had started to occur in the area which, were uncharacteristically gruesome even for a vampire to admit. Someone had been killing local prostitutes and leaving them in alleyways to be discovered by the authorities.

It was a Friday evening and I was out checking the local competition at one of the neighbouring brothels and picking up a package for Kitty. I had been acquainted with Tam, the owner of a brothel called O’Malley’s’ for a while, he was complaining that one of his girls had been brutally attacked and murdered in a nearby alleyway. The murders were becoming more frequent and the authorities had no leads, which was frustrating for the locals. I thought about bringing it up with Godric when I returned as it may pose a threat to our business. I put the package Tam had laid wrapped on the bar in my jacket pocket as I left O’Malley’s’ and headed back to relieve Kitty from her duties. She was sitting in the front room when I returned and jumped up surprised when I entered the room.

‘You may leave for the evening’ I told her bluntly.

‘Thank you, Sir Eric’ she said, nodding her head as she spoke and holding her hand out palm exposed. I handed her the package silently staring into her face but her eyes never once met mine. I never understood the appeal of drugs to be honest. It tainted the blood that coursed through many women nowadays.

‘Have you seen Godric tonight?’ I asked her teasingly before she had turned to leave. She looked up at me slowly with tension in her eyes at the mention of his name. Kitty was terrified of Godric after he caught her trying to steal from us once. He had set her straight in his own effective way and it seemed to work. We had power over Kitty, whether she liked to believe it or not.

‘Yes sir, he went upstairs a moment ago’ she said quietly. She turned and headed out of the front door pulling her shawl over her head and closing the door behind her as she left. I smiled smugly to myself for a moment.

I could sense a sudden burst of fiery outrage and excitement simultaneously from one of the bedrooms upstairs which wasn’t too peculiar however  I could also sense that my presence was summoned directly as the feeling I absorbed came straight from Godric. I was physically drawn upstairs to one of the dimly lit bedrooms to find Godric restraining a man to the floor with one hand while Kelly, one of our youngest employees lay dead on the bed, her blood everywhere. The smell made me feel a burning thirst in the back of my throat which I had to painfully ignore. The man Godric was restraining was staring up at me, his eyes full of fury. He was writhing around under Godric’s grip, crazed and grunting. I knew who he was as soon as he locked eyes with me. William Gull, our regular and he was covered in Kelly’s blood. In the corner of the spattered room on top of a cluttered wooden dresser was a black leather surgical bag standing open and upright containing numerous medical tools (I’m guessing) which he had clearly planned on using.

‘I never even knew he was here until it was too late!’ Godric said infuriated, then with one swift movement he pulled back William’s head and began feeding on him mercilessly.

It was Godric’s idea to turn that crazed imbecile, not mine. After draining him Godric had decided that due to his knowledge in medicine he would be very useful to have around the establishment and his bloodthirsty nature gave him the correct temperament for a vampire. I think he figured he could control William once he was turned as every vampire must obey their maker unfortunately in this case William was not an ordinary human when he was made one of the undead. We had already assumed that he was responsible for the murders of the other girls in the area. He later admitted this to us however.

Three years later and regrettably, William’s ferocity had not been controlled successfully. When a human being is turned into one of us, sometimes due to unforeseeable circumstances like drugs, brain damage or mental illness it can affect them even after death. This was the case for William or ‘Jack’ as the papers had referred to him for a while now since they had no clue of who was leaving this trail of bloodshed for the past three years. Godric and I came to the conclusion one night while having dinner that we had to do something about William as he had disappeared and was known by locals to be living with us for some time therefore anything he got caught doing would draw attention directly to us. This was not the best situation to be in as people were still oblivious to the existence of vampires which is how we planned on keeping it considering the bad press witches had received over the last three centuries in Britain. When I returned to the living room Godric was sitting at the head of the long oak dining table beside the open fire with Tess, one of our girls to his left. He motioned for me to sit on the other side of her.

‘Ahhhhh…dinner’ I said to myself content at the thought. Tess looked up tiredly then Godric spoke.

‘Tess…’ Godric said smoothly. I watched as her senses melted away and her eyes glazed over lifeless meeting his. He had her. Dining had been boring during our time here in London as all the locals knew each other well making it more difficult for us to feed as the loss of someone in the community proved to have a widespread effect as we had discovered due to our newest vampire, William. At least glamoring added a bit of fun but it took a lot of practice which was something Godric wasn’t short on.

‘Yes?’ she whispered.

‘Can you feel my influence?’

He stared unblinking into her bright blue eyes with intent like a lion does its prey.

‘Umhmm’ she admitted emotionless.

‘I would very much like to give you a kiss, will you permit me?’

‘Of course’ she said, her eyes stayed glazed as she surrendered to him.

He bent his head towards her throat while pulling her across him. She lay there powerless, while I took her wrist in my hand. She lay very still until we had had our fill then it was all business.

Once I carried Tess upstairs to rest I returned to the dining room, Godric was still seated at the long table however had turned to face the open fire his lips stained slightly in the flickering light. He looked thoughtful. I pulled up a chair adjacent to him knowing he had something important on his mind. I tended to feel a lot through Godric which was due to the bond we shared as vampires since we had shared blood.

‘We need to do something about William, Eric.’

His eyes stared into the crackling fire and for the first time since I’d known him Godric looked slightly worried. Or as worried as a vampire his age could look.

‘It’s been three years. Don’t you think it’s a little late for that?’ I exclaimed trying to hide my inner thoughts of ‘I told you so’ but he ignored my comment staring straight on.

‘He’s been disappearing over the last six months for weeks at a time and all the bloodshed is drawing attention to the brothels in the area especially ours now as none of our girls minus Kelly have been targeted. It also looks as though someone has been trying to cover his tracks by moving the bodies however I’m unsure who it is as there are few known vampires in the area.’

‘Why would anyone want to help him?’ I asked dumbfounded.

Godric turned to look me in the eyes thoughtfully and said ‘I have a suspicion that they may have been connected in some way.’

‘What would you have me do, Godric?’ I said, hoping his orders included William’s punishment. I loved a good fight and I despised William, some might say it was jealousy however I just couldn’t stand the hatred he harbored for women.

‘Dawn is approaching soon so I want you to go out sharp after nightfall tomorrow, and find him. He can’t be far from here.’

‘Yes, Godric’ I said bowing my head.

The following evening we had dinner courtesy of Martha who was a particular favorite of mine then I set out on my orders. The days were a bit shorter so I was able to leave a little earlier making an effort not to be seen as I slinked carefully along the slated uneven rooftops. This was one thing that I truly enjoyed and rarely got the chance to indulge in as it risked the chance of being spotted. Flying had come naturally to me as a vampire and I used it to my advantage tonight. It wasn’t hard finding William however catching him proved to be a different matter entirely as he had gained incredible speed for such a young vampire allowing him to practically fly over walls and through alleyways without being caught or properly identified.

I stood high above ground level on the edge of a rooftop looking over the vast city, feeling the air, allowing my senses to take over. The streets were busy tonight as usual with various local girls wandering around escorted by caped gentlemen with top hats while others crowded doorways enticing walkers by to enter. I crouched watching the crowds of mingling bodies for a while waiting to catch a glimpse of him. I knew he would be here sooner or later as it was the busiest part of the city with the most women on offer. Then I saw him. He was standing with an attractive young woman in her early twenties with dirty clothes and a head of long dark hair that was loosely swept up above her shoulders exposing her long neck. They seemed to be discussing something intensely and I guessed it was the usual…business. After watching their exchanges in the street for a few minutes my attention was drawn oddly to a short cloaked figure standing alone and unmoving unlike everybody else under the arch of a building not too far from William and his new ‘friend’. This cloaked figure was difficult to make out although I could sense that it was a female. She mirrored their movements carefully making sure she kept in the shadows. William seemed to be oblivious of the fact that he was being watched. I waited until he began leading the girl by the arm through the crowds then I followed from high above them jumping from one rooftop to the next silently until they came to the opening of a narrow close that was quiet in comparison to the rest of the street. They entered and the cloaked woman had disappeared into the shadows.

I watched from directly above them as they stood together in a doorway within the alleyway then the glint of metal caught my eye, he had something sharp in his right hand, her face held against the wall with his left. I decided that now was the best a time as any. I angled it so that as I landed I would break his arm taking him a moment to recover while I dragged him back to Godric. Unfortunately when I landed on him the young girl got caught in the path of my landing and was hurled across the ground. She lay motionless but she was still alive. I managed to drag William away by force leaving the girl behind as I ascended up and over the rooftop holding him by the ankle as he lashed out at me. Out of the corner of my eye I was sure I saw the cloaked figure lingering nearby as if waiting for something. William shouted at me as my grip tightened in order to lift him higher.

‘I’m following orders, William!’ I raged as he glared up at me unforgiving.

We returned a short while later due to William’s incessant thrashing around, Godric was seated in the front room as usual the fire ablaze however it appeared that he had company. Customers’ weren’t allowed in our living quarters… I thought, curiously. As we entered Godric was already standing facing me with his hand held up to stop me as I locked eyes with our cloaked guest and delivered William as ordered to.

‘Anderson!!!’ William exhaled relief in his gruff voice. I stood staring at Godric confused as I recognized the cloaked figure to be the same one lingering around the street earlier on.

‘It’s ok, Eric’ Godric said strongly. His eyes were calm and full of answers. William was now standing alongside the cloaked woman seeming contented.

‘This is Anderson’ Godric introduced and I looked at the woman blankly.

‘Hello’ I said. ‘How do you two know each other?’ I asked pointing at William, frustrated as the conversation didn’t seem to be moving fast enough for the questions I had piling up.

‘I have been sent here on special orders from her majesty’ she seethed. She was a frail middle aged woman with long auburn hair and pale skin. Her eyes were piercing as she looked me up and down taking me in carefully.

‘It appears Eric that William is a former employee of the palace’ Godric interrupted.

‘I have been ordered to negotiate the terms of this man’s release and return from you’ the cloaked woman said sharply.

‘And if we refuse?’ Godric tested.

‘Do not forget that we are one of the only few aware of your existence. Do you want that to change?’ she threatened. I shot her a sideways glance.

‘Don’t you threaten him!’ I barked. She looked down at her feet for a moment thinking carefully then back at Godric.

‘Dr Gull is a personal employee of her majesty’s and has been sorely missed. I was sent to follow him at her request, in order to find out what had happened once she found out he had been turned into one of your kind. He was her private physician on occasion and they had a long friendship however he did have another side to his personality that she didn’t want made public.’ She looked at Godric carefully.

‘So you’ve been covering up his identity?’ I stirred trying to cause an argument then I realized that they had something on us. His death.

‘It is done’ Godric said. ‘Take him with you he is your burden now.’

‘And what if he is seen outside the royal grounds?’ I added hoping we had another chance to finish him off.

‘Don’t worry’ she said quietly. ‘We have our own plans for him’.

Anderson led William carefully out the front door and into the dim light of the street. He followed obediently and neither of them looked back.

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