News from Tribeca

Our site reporters Bonnie, Dawn and Claudine stood valiantly on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival showing of Metropia, for a chance to get some pix and ask the Tall One a few quick questions…

I’m taking this from memory so bare with me…  (Bonnie can help me repair this mess tomorrow if it’s wrong)….

Bonnie: (SMV Grey asked this on FB) Alexander…When you’re just sitting around and thinking…do you think in Swedish or English?

Alexander: Depends…when I’m in America and at home it’s in English…when I went to visit my dad last week it was in Swedish and when I’m in Sweden…I think more in Swedish…

Bonnie: Well what about when you dream???

Alexander: Pretty much the same thing…when I’m in America I dream more in English…a little Swedish but when I’m home in Sweden my dreams tend to lean a little more toward Swedish…

Bonnie: In an interview you once stated that when you go home your mom makes you your favorite meal, which you say is Pork Pancakes…what exactly is a Pork Pancake….

Alexander: (Laughing) Just exactly what it sounds like…It’s a big pancake (uses fingers to indicate size of about an inch thick)…and it’s got bacon in it…and it’s really good….

The girls said he was very friendly…made sure to autograph everything handed to him and waited patiently to take pix with anyone who asked from the crowd.

Our brave reporters made sure to pass on our hellos and well wishes…to which the Tall One smiled and shared some love back….

Thank you ladies…we luv ya and appreciate the hard work…  (Pftttt…whatever!!  says the jealous co-admins Char and Marie 🙂

Here’s some pix to tide you over until the ladies send in more from their cameras….

POK!!!!!  To the girls and a big thanks to Alexander…


(Maureen and Jenna luv ya at least!!!)

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